Fingerprint Door Locks Reviews

In this paragraph you are going to read fingerprint door locks reviews. Before go into detailed fingerprints door lock review you need to know some of the technical terms such as fingerprint and biometric. Also you will be informed about how we are writing fingerprint door lock review. Because a lot of features and combinations of the product, Finding the best fingerprint door lock is a huge job and responsibility. So we focus on the devices, other reviews and customers reviews to sustain well information about fingerprint door locks.

Before reading Fingerprint Door Lock Review

What is fingerprint Door Lock

Biometric systems contains some of the key features. One of them is finger print identifier. Fingerprint door lock systems are using biometric instrument to access any kind of information. 

Finger Print Door Lock Reviews

We review some of the finger print door locks which are desinged for home and office securit systems. 

How we are writing Finger Print Door Lock Reviews

After searching a lot of article, youtubers and custumer review, we collect data. These datas are so important to share. But we search more in order to eliminate biased reviews. After this elimination we decide to share products.

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We will support for all fingerprint door locks in one table so you can easily read general information about the products. You can read fingerprint door lock product description from the seller. Then you can read fingerprint door lock reviews as pros and cons to see the generally advantages and disadvantages.  And lastly you can read detailed reviews from youtubers and customers of fingerprint door locks. If you have a problem with navigation you can use Table of Contents (TOC) as well. 

Product Details

Fingerprint Door Locks reviews are both shortly and detailed. If you want to read detailed review check bellow. If short review is good for you you can check tables as well. Product prices will not be in this page because we are not any relation with the seller except affiliate disclosure with

  • 5-in-1 Keyless Entry Smart Lock
  • Advanced Fingerprint Identification
  • Reversible Handle
  • 18 Months Electronic and Lifetime Mechanical Warranty
  • Push-Pull Handle
  • Long Running Battery
  • Perfect Style
  • Durability
  • Keyless Entry and Conveince
  • Secure and Smart Lock
  • Advanced 3d Fingerprint
  • Control Access and Monitor
  • Emergency Power Supply
  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri
  • Control and monitor your door from anywhere
  • Locks automatically behind you, and unlocks as you approach

Ultraloq UL3 BT Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock


Advanced Fingerprint Identification

Everyone’s fingerprint is unique and no one can steal it from you. Our advanced fingerprint technology uses a scratchproof, dustproof and waterproof sensor to make unlocking easy and secure. 95 fingerprints can be enrolled. Identifies you in less than 0.5 second and works well for kids and the elder.

Anti-peep Password

“Anti-peep password” ensures that strangers can’t steal your password by looking at worn-out keypad digits or watching you nearby when you enter the password. This function allows the user to type in any number of random digits, and can still gain access as long as the 1 correct password is embedded in the longer set of numbers.

Knock / Shake to Open

Knock to Open: You don’t have to open app. Just knock on your phone four times, even when it’s in your pocket and you’re in. (For iOS only).

Shake to Open: You can just wakeup your smartphone’s screen and shake your phone to unlock your door. No need to open Ultraloq app. (For Android only).

Up to 1 Year Battery Life

3 AA batteries. Up to 8,000 times access. Low battery alerts on OLED display and App.

Keyless Entry

Ultraloq App enables you to unlock your door with your smartphone.

View Users

Knows who has the access to your lock and how.

Log Record

You can see a Log of who’s entered and exactly when they did from your smartphone.


When you install another lock, just use Clone to transfer all users in one shot.

Easy Setup and DIY Installation

Designed for DIY installation

No wiring. No drilling. It only takes a screwdriver (included in the box) and minutes to bring unmatched security, style and convenience to your door.

Works With Most Standard Doors

Fit standard interior doors prepped with a single bore hole. Door thickness between 1-3/8″~1-3/4″. Optional deadbolt cover plate available for replacing existing deadbolt on standard exterior doors.

Reversible Handle

Suitable for both left-handed and right-handed doors.

Fingerprint Doorlock Reviews


  • Battery life
  • Easy to Use
  • Price & Performance is good.
  • Perfect Design
  • Installation was straightforward, the descriptions were clear and concise.


  • Ultraloq App shows you the locks. It works most of the time to open them. It has difficulty maintaining connection when performing administrative maintenance.
  • Lock has not the ability to send a 'key' to another smart phone.
  • fingerprint scanner affeced from temperature.
  • This lock does not allow for temporary or single use passwords for guests such as dog walkers or what have you like many of the other locks on the market.

Fingerprint Door Lock Review from Youtube


from Eric DIY youtube. Hello guys! Eric DIY with another review video.

Unboxing and Installation

This is basically a smart lock for your door. So after it comes with pretty easy installation directions, it wasn’t hard to install. You just go right through the manual with a couple of screws, it comes with guides. If you’re installing it in a new door, you have to drill. But we just installed it on a garage door that already has something but it’s pretty simple. There’s just they came up with power. Coastal connect you gotta be careful with that. It’s a flimsy. it’s just that you gotta be careful so that you don’t scrunch that insulation is pretty easy. It comes with the installation instructions. So when you first get the ultra lock you have to make it in a bit it’s like a computer. So we’re gonna do that it has really easy directions on how to do that.


So the ultra lock fingerprint door lock work with a battery. After you take the back cover off, Three double A batteries that are easily replaceable. The battery cover can hold up better come over her. But battery cover has a screw on it. So you screw it down and no one can get in there.


Now on the back, it has some handy directions on how to program fingerprint door lock. You can open up four different ways one way is just by using the key that they give you and the key goes underneath. It’s on the outside the other way is just using your fingerprint a third way is to install the app on your phone which we’ll look at a little bit later. You use Bluetooth and the fourth way is to just enter your code so I’ll show you each option all right so we’re done program the ultra lock it’s pretty simple.So that’s one way of accessing the ultra lock with fingerprint biometric system feature. Another way of accessing the ultra lock is there’s no keypad here yet but if you push two fingers you just hold them there for a second it turns a keypad on. Then you enter in your four-digit code push enter after it unlocks it. So you always have to push enter after your four-digit code and again it locks after about 3 to 4 seconds.


I programmed it with an admin code for me and that’s also an unlock code for me. So the admin code can be an unlock code I also programmed my fingerprint in the door. So it should work let’s try the fingerprint. First, so let’s say you’re coming up to the door all you have to just put your finger that you scanned on the fingerprint reader. It unlocks, you can see that the door locks. It locks after about 4 seconds.


The other thing that you could do is you can download the ultra lock app I have this from the Google Play Store I’m an Android person but they also make it for the iPhone and the Mac. You just download it and then you open it. You make an account that you would have to sign in with.


It doesn’t just instantly go to what you need and you click on the lock of meat and if you see if the phone is the thin range of this it’s all Bluetooth controlled you just push this lock button to unlock. It unlocks the door and the cool thing is that they have this shake to open. So let’s say that you get the door you have your phone in your hand. I need to get it going well if you come with the phone and sit within range and it’s on you could just shake it. I’ll say Bluetooth mode and if you keep shaking it. And I’ll lock the door just by shaking your phone. 

Lock & Unlock

So that’s another cool feature you can turn that on or off in the app. It’s unlocked that the lock is clearly unlocking loose and then to lock it back up. You just put it back and pull the key out and it locks. So you also have an option just to unlock with a key and that’s in case the battery dies or whatever. You can actually unlock it that way all right so overall the ultra locks really good. 


It’s really durable and sturdy it’s all metal construction it works gloriously I like it a little bit better than my Schlage lock that, I had on before. I just move that to the other garage door so it connects us from the outside that one didn’t have as many high-tech features. I know they have a model that does that but honestly! this ultra lock is probably a better value. It has the fingerprint reader which honestly makes it very easy to access your house or you have to go pick up your ultra lock fingerprint door lock.  This is the one of the locks in the best finger print door lock.  If you want to see the fingerprint door lock review just watch video from youtube.

Fingerprint Door Lock Review from Customers


In conclusion, despite the fact I didn’t just give everything five stars and say the locks are amazing, these are pretty good locks for the money. They do about 75% of what we need them to do, and they work flawlessly about 90% of the time. Not a single tenant has complained about the switch; on the contrary, almost everyone in the building has thanked me for purchasing them for the building.


Once installed, which took longer than expected, the bluetooth never worked. With my phone right against the lock, and the bluetooth light on the lock lit up, the product app scan could not locate it. (Did I mention that the app was more private access requirements, such as to my phone book, photos, and other settings than necessary?). But hey, there is a scanner built into the app that can read the bar code on the lock and perform the set up. Oh, yeah, the app wouldn’t scan that either. But heck, there’s an option to fill in the form with the bar code number. But, oh wait, the app won’t accept the bar code number either. The spaces they have for the bar code don’t fit the number on my lock. Genius!


-Very easy to install, drop-in replacement for most door handles
-Feels smoother and more solid than older door knob
-Fingerprint reader has been very consistent in outward facing door (tested in temps 10F-40F)
-Easy to setup multiple users (and multiple fingerprints)

-More of 2-in-1 (fingerprint and PIN), since android app works but isn’t really dependable or much of a time saver (applies to smartphone and shake unlocking)
-no easy way to keep unlocked, you have to use the admin menu any time you want to keep it unlocked via “passage” mode (a switch on the backside would’ve been convenient)
-key access is more of an emergency “dead battery” backup, it’s barely accessible and requires prying the plastic protector off underneath the unit

Samsung SHS-P718-LMK Push Pull Biometric Touchscreen Digital Door Lock



Program up to 31 user codes and/or RF ID tags and 100 fingerprints. Fits doors 40mm to 80mm thick. Push to enter, Pull to exit. Automatic locking. Compatible with certain NFC items. Battery operated with emergency power contact.


Samsung door locks have a sleek modern design which would complement any interior or exterior door in the residential home, apartment, or commercial business office building.


Use the digital touchscreen numeric keypad or fingerprint reader to enter a password, fingerprint, or RFID faster than you can turn a key. Shut the door and the mortise sensor auto locks the door for you.


Sturdier and more durable than cylindrical deadbolt locks but do require door modification. The mortise is electronic for faster open/close and has the added security of a latch.


Rigorously tested construction, random security code feature, bump and pick proof, intrusion alarm, PSB fire tested and fire detection sensor, anti tampering lock out. The lock has your back.

Enhanced Security

Random Security Code
 – Before entering pin, 2 random numbers to push will appear. Throws off on-lookers and spreads your fingerprints around the keypad to prevent guessing of your passcode.
Double Authentication – 2 types of access (pin,fingerprint,RFID) are required to unlock door
Double Locking – Use this feature to prevent the lock from being unlocked from outside.
Anti Theft – Secure your home when your family is away. An alarm is set off when the lock is operated from inside; a sign of a thief trying to flee.
Mischief Prevention – After 5 failed entry attempts a warning sounds and the lock stops operating for 3 minutes.
Intrusion Alarm – If the door is opened while still locked an alarm will sound making the intruder less likely to stay.
Fire Warning – If temperature reaches a certain degree the thermal sensor will activate the alarm. The lock will auto unlock helping you to escape the fire.
Emergency Power – No battery; no problem. Simply use a 9V battery to power the lock from the outside panel and enter as usual.
Auto Locking – A physical sensor enables door to automatically lock after 3 seconds of being closed.
Proximity Sensor – Lock wakes when you walk up, ready for you to use.
Low Battery Warning – Lock will play Fur Elise after every unlocking of the door.


Max User Memory – 31 pin/RFID, 100 fingerprints
Door Thickness – From 40mm to 80mm
Lockset – push pull handle, mortise, biometric
Push to Enter, Pull to Exit
Lock Material – Zn, Al, ABS
AML220 – Small mortise with shorter bolt set, door modifications most likely necessary
Battery Life – 12 months at 10 uses per day
Battery Type – 8 AA alkaline batteries
Lock Size – Exterior 3.3 x 15.2 x 2.4, Interior 3.4 x 14 x 2.5 inches (WxHxD)
Operating Temp -25°C to +60°C
Water and dust resistant

Push-Pull Door lock Reviews


  • Perfect style
  • Easy to Use
  • Long Running Battery
  • Perfect Design
  • Lost keys no longer an issue


  • Smart is not user friendly.
  • There is no control over internet
  • Noisy
  • Installation

Push-Pull Door Lock Review from Youtube


from Oneworld Smart Solutions


Samsung announce new innovative door lock with “Door Lock Push-Pull and Push-Pull is Samsung” slogan all over the world. So what is push-pull technology? and Why do people choose push pull door lock?

Push-Pull Technology

Normal lock require 3 steps. One grap, two twist and three  pull. But push-pull door lock needs just one step.Samsung push-pull door lock is stylish, convenient and safe. Open up your smart live with samsung push-pull door lock.

Easy way to open the door

Samsung push-pull door lock is easy for children to open.It is easy even when your hands are full. Models are available for either push or pull to enter doors. When you order Samsung push-pull door lock you should decide which one is suit for you.

Better Home security

Samsung push-pull door lock protect from unauthorized entry by safe and robust design.Anti-hacking encrption protocol protect you from electronic breaking.


Samsung push-pull door lock is tested in labratories with 120000 opening and closing trials. It has perfect durability.

Smart Function

Automatically wakes up when someone comes close. Manner mode allows quite entrance. Smarting notification on touch panel.

Samsung Innovative Technology

Samsung’s marking leading technology has international patents for push-pull lock. Innovative Design and Security are the job of Samsung.

Push -Pull Door Lock Review from Customers


This is a really nice lock, but you better be prepared for a lot of work to install it if you are replacing a regular door knob/deadbolt setup. We had a Kwikset fingerprint reader deadbolt but it was hard for people to figure out how to use. Then the door handle started to wear out so I spotted this online and was intrigued. What a cool, modern lock system. We decided to order one. I really couldn’t find any youtube videos on how to replace a standard cylinder style system with a mortise style lock. What is a mortise lock? It is a cassette type of thing that has the lock and latch built in so it requires a fairly large opening through the center of the door (where the latch sticks out) so while I was waiting for it to be delivered, I went to Harbor Freight tools and bought a set of augers, and a new set of wood chisels. When the lock came in, I set everything out and was getting a bit worried. The instructions were a bit hard to follow and I was so worried I was going to screw up the door but I took my time and got it installed. What I had to do was once I removed the old hardware, I held the mortise assembly against the door where it would be installed. I then traced around it so I could have an idea of where the cavity had to be. I then took the auger that was closest to the width of the mortise assembly and proceeded to drill out the core. Only problem is with the augers, you have to have a direct purchase against the wood or it will slip so once I made two holes, one above and one below the existing latch hole, the rest became chisel work. It took me about an hour but I was able to chisel out the opening where the mortise assembly would sit flush into the door. I had to make notches in the old door knob hole, both for the electric wire for the lock and the mounting bolts. The assembly was large enough to cover the old hole from the deadbolt. I still have the opening in the doors core where the deadbolt latch used to be. I need to figure out how to cover that and the hole in the door frame. Speaking of door frame. This system uses a pretty big opening to get the striker plate system installed because the latch and deadbolt share the same space. I once again used the augers and chisels and basically took out all the section of the 1X6 that is the door framing. I could see the 2X4 of the houses framing. Once you set the striker system in to the opening, I would suggest getting 3″ wood screws that will pass all the way into the 2X4. This will secure the lock and make it difficult to kick out. This actually should be done on any exterior door because a crook just has to kick the door and it tears out the striker plate from the soft wood door frame. Replace those striker screws with long ones to go into the houses frame. We had a fire and a firefighter who thought someone was in our house so he kicked the front door down. The strikers held fast so he had to kick out the hinge side. I had not yet put those 3″ screws in the hinges but it proved the theory worked.
Back to the lock, now that you’ve had your neighborhood watch training session.
Once the lock was in I then started to program it. The programming is a bit wonky. It appears you can just put fingerprints or codes in, or, you can actually assign users, then program the fingerprints and such to the user. There is only three of us so I didn’t push to figure that out. The finger print training is super easy. You push the button on the inside under the battery cover, touch the finger print door and it opens. You then set the finger on the glass and it will beep once if it’s happy. You repeat three times and it should work. Oddly it would not work on my mom..Apparently she has no fingerprints so we gave her one of the included RFID tags. Plastic tag you can put on your keychain. Programming is basically the same but you push the button, and wave the tag over the reader to program. We also found out it works with other RFID tags. I had these Samsung Tek Tiles that I bought years ago for my Samsung Galaxy phone. You use it to change settings in your phone, for instance you get to work and wave the phone over the tag and it silences the ringer. These work great for this lock. I stuck one on the back of my phone case (at the bottom, because it was triggering the phone’s NFC) Programming was exactly the same. You can get these “stickers” cheap here or on E-Bay. Once programmed it works beautifully. Only oddity, it sounds funny when you open the door. Unlike a regular door where when you turn the knob, it pulls the latch into the door, this one does not. It has an odd criss/cross thing that goes into the striker to hold the door. When you push/pull the handle, it releases the lock but does not retract them so you hear it dragging against the striker and sounds like you need to adjust something. Takes a day or so to get used to. Overall we are so glad we did it. Was a lot of money for a door lock but I feel it’s very well made and the cool factor is top notch. If you’re not super handy, I suggest having a carpenter do it as they may have the proper tools. I’ll try to remember to come back to show some pictures. One star minus, I think they could do better with the instructions as I’m pretty handy and had some issues understanding what they were trying to get across. If I can answer any questions I’ll be happy to.


I have bought two Samsung door lock SHS-P718 to install at home and a terrible accident just happened.
My two small children (2 and 4 years old) simply escaped without any difficulty or warning while I was sleeping at 6AM. The open mechanism is easy and light, even for a 4 year old child. They stayed out for more than 5 minutes until the doorman noticed their presence outside home. They went to the garage, walked around the cars and near the gate, they went outside the building, walked in the garden, crossed a small street and almost went to the swimming pool. I have all the images recorded from the security cameras.
Today I can report you this episode with relief because nothing harmful happened, but they were in serious danger and vulnerability because your door lock system does not predict this kind of situation and it is a serious fault.
I know you have the “home shape” botton when someone tries to operate from inside. But an alarm is just not enough in a big house.
It happens that your system does not consider that the door must remain locked in some circumstances, even if properly activated from inside, which means it does not fulfills the function of protection. There are hundreds of situations that this necessity applies: children, elderly people, anyone affected by psychiatric disorders or under effect of drugs/medicines, etc…
I strongly suggest that your engineers consider including a new security function to avoid this risk, like so many others devices considered safe for children.


Buying this kind of technology makes me feel like being part of progress but in my experience HiTech rarely delivers what is advertised.
Shopping for new front doors I saw some pamphlets with this lock in a showroom, the salesman advised not to bother with it & I took immediate dislike of him realizing my obsession with the product.
I am cynical when it comes to advertising but in this case I was glad finding an option over the boring standard door locks styling.

And this lock would solve my problem with family members losing keys on regular basis & the push/pull paddle action was the ultimate lazy person’s dream disguised under innovation.
Samsung brag about the handle free design but it’s not their invention, they just introduced something used in hospitals for many years to the house market, but this waffle reflects how excited and biased I was about getting it.

The doors installation day arrived, the carpenter was busy replacing frames & doors and I unpacked the lock.
This lock is HUGE, you got to hold one to appreciate how odd it’s shape/size really is. That was 18 months ago.
I never setup the bio-metric fingerprint option as the code access was all I was after so I have no idea if that would still work.

The good
Batteries are not an issue, mine lasted 16 months with 10-20 cycles/day before the warning came up and then you get another 1-2 months to replace them.
If ignored, entry is still possible with a 9V battery held against the contacts below the keypad or using the mechanical key.
Lost keys no longer an issue and it has a great coolness factor starting conversations at the entry.
The various beeps it makes give you an idea if someone arrived or left the house, handy for grumpy people keeping tabs on each other 🙂

The bad
Starts with the installation. The unique odd shape/size means it can mostly be fitted to new doors and there is no turning back, there is nothing that can retrofit this lock other than unsightly adapter plates or a new door.

My doors had rubber seals around the frame preventing a clean one move closure, it took months for all the family members to get used to the “close, push & hold for 2 seconds” action for the lock to close properly.

The worse
Noise, the mortise mechanism is clunky & very noisy, closing the door will be heard throughout the house making it impossible to sneak in or out.

Mortise failure, this happened 5 days ago.
I found myself trapped inside the house at 9pm with the lock attempting to open for a few seconds before switching itself off.
Locked inside was lucky as I could access the screws removing the battery enclosure/exit paddle for testing.
The little deadbolt motor inside the mortise mechanism failed to fully engage pushing the deadbolt just 1/4″ (instead of ~1″) which was enough to lock the door but the mechanism failed to retract it to open.

With another year of warranty, the agents sent me a new mortise within 2 days but in the meantime the only way to use it was with the mechanical keys (batteries removed) which can lock/unlock only from outside as they’re mainly intended for emergency Entry or Locking when leaving the house.

If the lock is not “locked” with the key from the outside the entry/exit paddles behave like any normal handle on an unlocked door.

I lost confidence in this product and keep a mechanical key in the car, without a spare/safety key this kind of fault will lock you out requiring alternative entry & if not available, breaking in. Imagine an apartment on the 5th floor…

Lockly Bluetooth Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock (PGD728F SN) Patented Keypad Deadbolt Lock


Lockly Secure Plus

The Most Advanced Fingerprint Deadbolt on the Market. Lockly Secure Plus Smart Lock has over 20 issued global patents in its proprietary patented keypad alone. The keypad randomly distributes numbers 0-9 into four buttons and all numbers reshuffle after each time of use, which makes it impossible for others to know and use your codes unwillingly. Designed and assembled with heavy duty zinc alloy, stainless steel and high-impact plastic with special scratch resistant coating for enhanced security, connectivity, ergonomics and aesthetics.

Universal Fitment

Works with doors up to 2″ thick

Auto Lock

Set your Smart Lock to auto lock for safety – choose from 5 seconds up to 5 minutes.

One Touch Lock

No more fumbling for keys, smart phones or waits for auto lock. Touch-to-lock makes locking your door faster than never before. Simply touch anywhere on the keypad to lock immediately for advanced security.

At Home Safe Mode

Lockly Secure Smart Plus Lock provides enhanced security when you are at home and lets you disable the touchscreen from inside. This prevents everyone else to be unable to activate the keypad from outside.

Monitor Access Swiftly

The Lockly Secure Plus can monitor access of each user and stores a history in the smart lock App. Get notified when your guests activate their electronics keys and gain access to your door. (Must connect via Bluetooth to download history, push notifications available by adding on Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub – Sold Separately)

Long Battery Life

Powered by 4 AA Alkaline batteries (included), the Lockly Secure Plus smart lock can last up 9 months to a 1 year without changing your batteries under normal use.

Future Proof

With updatable firmware and software, the Lockly Secure Plus smart lock is future proof. Move the lock to your next house when you move, and keep update with more advanced features along the way with our OTA (over the air) updates.


Advanced Secure Keypad – Unlock your door using a 6 – 8 digit access code with a keypad that randomly scrambles the numbers every time you enter a code, making it almost impossible for others to guess the right combination.

Using the illuminated keypad, you can unlock the Lockly Secure Plus smart lock by using a 6-8 digit access code you set. While your code remains the same, location of the numbers shuffle everytime, make it hard for others to guess the correct code.

View the access history*, assign digital eKeys for guest, set their durations, and more with our app as well as issue Offline Access Codes.

Grant access remotely, even when the power or internet is out. Our smart lock is not dependent on internet to update access codes.

Securely send instructions to guests via text message for them to access the lock. Even set up duration times whether its 1 time use, or 1 week or even 1 month. Do this and program your lock securely, remotely and magically without even connecting to the internet.

Your guest can access the door without downloading any software or pairing any devices. App downloads access history every-time you connect to the lock via Bluetooth. Wi-Fi Hub Secure Link required (sold separately) for remote access.

*App downloads access history everytime it connects to lock via Bluetooth. Wifi Hub Secure Link (Sold Separately) required for remote access and download.

Once installed, easily self program the lock to sense a right swing or left swing door.

Fits any door with a 2 1⁄8” (54mm) diameter face and fits doors from 1 3/8″ to 2″ thick.

Installs in around 10 minutes with a standard Phillips screwdriver.


Lockly Bluetooth Doorlock Reviews


  • Battery life
  • Easy to Use and Installation
  • Price & Performance is good.
  • Perfect Design
  • Smart Functions


  • No Built in Wi-fi Technology

Lockly Bluetooth Doorlock Review from Youtube


from mayiandjay

Hey! what is going on guys to hear from MAG&J from youtube. Today coming with another home gadget review and this one is called the pin genie smart lock. They have recently renamed this product. It is called lochley smart lock but it’s exactly the same product. So, it is $199 for the blue 2 version if you guys want it with a fingerprint scanner as well . Then that one is about 249 dollars of course all the links have been provided in this web site.

So that you guys can check them out and determine if the fingerprint is really worth it or not. In my personal opinion, I think, it is because having the fingerprint makes it a whole lot easier to unlock your home. So anyways guys if you can see here from the front side, it is a very nice design and looks very futuristic. The cool part is what you see here is exactly what we have inside of the box. So there’s no gimmicks the product is very well made and here from the side of the box we can see some of the advantages of having a smart lock in your home which is the reason.


As to why I accepted this product for review and I’ve been testing it now for the past. I will say three weeks or so and I’m really impressed with the quality of this little smart lock right here. So anyways guys let’s go ahead and open the box. So that way you can check the contents inside. We find the manuals we have a sketch for installation. We have a Quick Start Guide as well. You have the front side up the lock and this will be very easy to install on pretty much.

Any door especially if you have an existing door lock, It is almost the same installation style except that now we have wired that needs to be ran. So if we have again the front side of the lock we have the touchscreen right here in the front then here we have so that we can insert our keys and still use it as a normal lock as well which is really nice.


We have the inner part of the smart lock and this one carries the mainboard as well. You can insert your batteries of course. I’ll be explaining exactly how to program it in just a second after this guys you get the bracket which goes on the inner side of the door as well. So now that we know everything that comes inside of the box let’s go ahead and proceed with the installation of this smart lock which only takes about 8 or 10 minutes approximately. And my old lock used to do look like this.

This is quite standard if you guys come from something similar to this then the installation should take about again 8 or 10 minutes super easy and the manuals do provide a lot of great information. As you guys can appreciate they have included a whole bunch of pictures on how to install it.

What to do and not to do which is really awesome they also included a sketch in case you guys want to drill on your door for that extra screw that comes here on the upper side of the lock, like so I went ahead and remove it because I didn’t find it necessary. This thing’s very nice and rugged. And it has a very thick metal. So just using the screws that go here on the bottom side what’s enough for me and I just decided to remove it and replace it here with the double adhesive tape.


So now that we got the installation out of the way the next process will be to program the smart lock which is really easy to do. As you guys can appreciate we have a couple buttons around here. We have a program button and reset button a switch for auto lock if you have it enabled here. And finally we have four switches which one of them.

It’s actually the first one on the very left is for the auto lock feature. I have a disabled because after every 30 seconds it’ll lock again which is really annoying.

The next one we have is for alarm mode, this is in case somebody has tried numerous attempts to open your door then it’ll trigger an alarm which is just a little beeping sound. And I don’t see you necessary it doesn’t call 9-1-1 it doesn’t call the fire department. So what’s the reason to have this thing enabled. I really don’t see it so for that reason. I disabled it.

The next one, we have is the audio I kept it on.

Finally the last one, we have is pin crazy which is basically you know every time you enter your password. It will change the pattern of the numbers so that way nobody can copy that same pattern that you keep entering. In this case it was confusing the kids a little bit so I decided to disable it as well. And that’s pretty much what we have here so you guys can appreciate.


I decided to connect three batteries as this explained on the manuals. And the last one, I left it for last that’s because when you’re doing the programming. You can’t install all the batteries you need to hold and pres the program key before installing that last battery.

So you hold and press it and now we insert the last one here and now we went into programming mode so once you have entered into programming mode the way that I just show you all you need to do is click on the programming buton.

Once more and you’re going to click over it says 1a0. And here you’re going to enter your new password so in my case I’m gonna use 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and then you’re gonna click here on the white button on the middle side and then you’re going to repeat that process again 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and confirm it. And now it’s going to ask you to confirm the password. So I can be dead 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and select yes and now your passcode has been programmed. So now if I we enter the password 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 it works.

The passcode has been programmed. You can do multiple codes also. Even from the application you can do it as well. I’m going to teach you now how to pair it via bluetooth with the application on your smartphone. So now that we have completed here the initial setup on the smart lock the last process would be to download the application on your smart phone.

Smart Application

In this case I’m using iOS but you can also do it on Android. And the application is called pin genie smart lock. So basically after downloading it, you go ahead and open it. And here it’s going to ask us to add a new device. So if you can reduce actly that and then you have to select the product that we have which is the one on the very top.

Let’s go ahead and skip this process for now you don’t need this and let’s go ahead and start connecting and now is trying to find the device let’s go ahead and select continue and here we have it. So it has read it as PGD 7:28. Let’s go ahead and click on yes ok and now here. It is giving us a very important information inside of the manuals.

You guys have the initial code that only you can have because if you lose it you will not be able to activate it again. So if you reset and lost card, you won’t be able to use it again. Basically you need to trash it out. That’s why it’s giving you this important note.

Let’s go ahead and select ok in case you guys are curious the card looks like this and on here you have the initial code you have to enter it here. And then it will complete the pairing mode so now that we set up the initial code now. It’s asking us to enter our own in this case I’m gonna do something basic 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and now we need to confirm it here so let’s do 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and now it’s connecting and we have successfully connected here to the smart lock.

So here you guys can see that it’s giving us a congratulation on the screen. Now let’s go ahead and start using the smart lock. Once everything has paired and it’s all set to go this is the page. That you guys will see and right now the art connected here via bluetooth. If I tap on here it’ll go ahead and lock it. If I tap on it again or actually that’s the unlocking now it’s been locked.


As you can appreciate on the upper right hand side corner we have the battery indicator which is really nice you have here. The history of when it was open at what time and who opened it. You can add users with their own password which is really neat as well. And lastly, we have here settings which will allow you to change the access code, the alarm settings, time zone or more settings.

Pros or Advantages

You can do the entire reset of the unit and also you can upgrade their firmware. So now that we have completed the entire installation tutorial as well as the application setup. I gotta say that this is a really user friendly product and anybody out there can do it. Guys even if you don’t feel handy or you’re not great with tools like I said the instructions are really easy to follow so you can definitely get this done in no time.

Cons or Disadvantages

I think that the only cons about this product so far is the fact that they haven’t added the built-in Wi-Fi function which doesn’t enable you to use the application anywhere. You go to like on the ring’ devices and many other gadgets that are available for your home that do connect to Wi-Fi. So that’s the only cons.

Second it doesn’t connect to alexa or any of those assistants that are available as well for your home.


So for all reasons, I gotta give it an 8 out of a 10 but when it comes to build quality. And again the ease of use and how well you know it. Functions I gotta give it a 10 out of the 10 it is a really nice mark lock and I can recommend it to anybody out there especially at this price point only $199 (you should check updated price on the table) is a really nice price. And if you guys want the fingerprint function which is going to make it a little bit easier for you to unlock it. Then I would definitely suggest that you spend the extra fifty dollars and you will thank me later.


Lockly Bluetooth Doorlock Review from Customers


I recently read about Lockly on Engadget and really liked how this company seemed to solve the pin code security issues that is common with regular key pads. The first thing I noticed when I received my Lockly Secure Plus is the nice packaging and thorough installation manual. I actually visited their support site and watched the video and my installation only took about 15 minutes. I was very pleased with the color of the lock as it matched my front door really well and the product felt and looked very premium. The lock is built very well and looks very nice. I like the fact that Lockly also has a physical key option which was what sold my wife who is paranoid with smart devices. The touchscreen works great and is durable. I really liked how the numbers on the touchscreen shuffle so nobody can tell which pin code I am typing. Very clever and it works very well. While you can use your phone (via the Lockly app) to unlock the door, I found that the Fingerprint reader is very fast and works perfect! I highly recommend this smartlock and find the features to be very useful.

PROS: Beautifully designed, great craftsmanship, useful features, easy installation with helpful installation manual
CONS: Prime was not available when I ordered mine


I purchased this smart lock with high hopes, given its streamlined design, fingerprint unlock, and randomized keypad options. Unfortunately, after my new roommate moved in, we learned just how unsafe this lock is. Because the app you are required to download to control the lock forces your phone bluetooth on when you are anywhere near your door, a simple tap of the keypad when I was upstairs and on the far side of the house would allow anyone entry into my home. No code or fingerprint required simply due to my proximity. I had auto-lock and unlock disabled. I made sure to disable my bluetooth and location access on my phone. Regardless, this Lockly smart lock will just open with the tap of the key pad screen if the phone that administers the lock is home. So chances are that while you are asleep, as I was when my roommate got home from work at 3am, someone can enter your home without the slightest bit of force leaving you, your loved ones, and your home vulnerable to unwanted entry and attack.

I would like to return this lock and get a refund, but I don’t feel safe even returning the lock to the company after a factory reset given they now have my data.

Bottom line: save yourself time, money, and safety by NOT getting this lock. It’s cheaper to just leave your front door wide open.


Updating my review now that I’ve had the lock for ~a month. Absolutely love it! What’s to like:
1) Locks by just touching the screen. (turned off the ‘auto lock’ feature — don’t like it)
2) Opens from phone.
3) Numbers randomize on the keypad to keep “snoopers” from capturing/determining the key sequence.
4) Is not connected to any system besides my phone. Don’t care to have Apple, Google, etc. knowing what type of door lock I have and, with recent security/hacker issues, definitely don’t want someone unlocking my door without my knowledge.
5) Tells me when the door is unlocked by someone else.
6) Can disable the keypad at night for added feeling of security.
7) Alarmed if code is entered incorrectly more than 3 times.

So, in my initial review (below) it was a huge challenge to pair my phone with the lock. Once I got past that, Lockly was exactly what I wanted and expected!
Why 4 stars then? Because it was so difficult to pair with my Android and such a frustrating experience. The instructions that came with Lockly were of no use. Typical Android pairing did not work. Go directly to their web site and follow the detailed instructions there, exactly as they are written (I reset my Lockly before attempting those instructions.) Even then, my phone told me it could not pair, but it did. And once it did, the rest was a breeze.
First review:
Lock has been installed for 5 days. As a standard deadbolt with no features it’s great. Decided to put the batteries in today and activate the features. 1) Lots of instructions to read through (i.e., not intuitive); 2) easy to program the codes (have not tried fingerprint); 3) DOES NOT PAIR WITH MY PHONE. My Samsung Android is less than 2 years old. Have never had an issue pairing it with anything until now. Lock management via phone was the ONE AND ONLY reason I selected Lockly over other brands. After doing so much research and so many comparisons, I’m more than disappointed.

August Smart Lock Pro


August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

Turn your front door into a smart door with the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect. From your phone, lock and unlock your door from anywhere. Give keyless entry to family and friends, or schedule access for home services without worrying about lost or copied keys. Attaches easily to your existing deadbolt. With our proprietary DoorSense technology, you’ll know your door is completely closed and locked. You can even tell Alexa, Siri or the Google Assistant to control your August Smart Lock.

Key Features

Unlocks automatically as you arrive

With your phone in your pocket, simply open the door and you’re in your home. Heading out? August Smart Lock Pro will also automatically lock the door behind you after you leave.

Monitor your door from anywhere

Lock and unlock your door, control keyless access, and keep track of who comes and goes, all from your phone. The 24/7 activity log means you’re always in the know.


Use your voice

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect is the smart lock solution that works with all three major voice platforms. Simply use your voice to tell Alexa, Siri or the Google Home to control your lock.


  • Use your voice to tell Alexa, Siri or the Google Home to control your lock.
  • Unlocks automatically as you arrive
  • Monitor your door from anywhere


  • Staying Close with cellphone is not a good idea.
  • If some one stole your phone, Security
  • No keypad

Youtuber Review


It’s Zach from youtube hope you all are doing well. As most of you should know I’ve been slowly but surely getting into smart home tech. You know devices that can not only make life a little easier but turn something as basic as locking your door into something cool. That’s where the August smartlock pro comes into play and shout out to August for sending me one as well as sponsoring this video.

So basically what the smart lock allows you to do is lock and unlock your door using your phone but not only that you can also use it with your Apple watch as well as smart assistants like Alexa Siri and Google assistant in terms of unboxing and setup everything here is super simple.


In the box are gonna get pretty much everything you need as far as attachments go and what not you’ll also get the August Kinect which will allow you to control your lock from pretty much anywhere. All you’ll need on your end is a Philips head screwdriver and you’re good to go. This will work with the widest range of standard dead bolts. So you won’t really have to worry about compatibility installation.

Instructions can be found in the August home app which you will need of course. Like I said before installation is very easy and it won’t take you long at all. In fact it can take about 10 minutes or even less. Just make sure you follow the instructions very carefully and you’ll be good now.

As far as features go this lock is no slouch besides being able to unlock your door with your phone manually. You can set the device to auto lock and Auto unlock depending on your phone’s current location. So when you leave the device will lock your door and when you return. It will unlock all on its own along with that you can grant access to other household members. So that they can lock and unlock with their phones and devices as well.

Smart App

In the August home app you can view all of the activity from the lock. You can see who’s using the lock and when exactly they’ve been using it. This is also where you can schedule access with a specific time frame of your choosing for people. You trust and on top of all of this you get that full peace of mind with august’s integrated door sense sensor which lets you know if your door is securely closed and locked 100%.


Now in my personal experience the August Mart lock has been fantastic everything seems to work as advertised and I would absolutely recommend this to those looking to step up their smart home game. Siri unlock entrance to lock entrance to the setup was seamless.

It’s neat being able to give my cousin’s access to the lock. As they do visit on a regular basis and it’s awesome being able to just open my door without having to hunt for keys. Because well my phone is now my key having said that I kind of know what you’re thinking and in fact my mom.

Actually asked me this question while I was installing the lock what if you don’t have your phone well August thought of that and they offer an optional keypad you can use with a customizable code to unlock the door. As far as I’m concerned the august smart lock will be a staple in my tech collection.


Customer Review


Wanted to give a few thoughts about my recently purchased August smart lock. For background, I’m running this lock in a decidedly “smart” house. Two Nest thermostats, a harmony hub, myQ garage, and 25+ LIFX connected lights.

+ Super brain-dead easy install. Took less than 10 minutes with just a philips head screwdriver. The video walkthrough on the app makes it really hard to mess up.
+ HomeKit integration is badass, and works flawlessly for me. There’s something soo cool tellling Siri on my cellular Apple Watch to lock/unlock the door, and it’s done. This works from inside/outside my house, on wifi, cellular, doesn’t matter.
+ Auto-locking is customizeable and works great. Don’t have to fish my key out to lock the door every time I take the puppers outside for a potty break.

* Doorsense, the little nubbin that you attach to your door frame that tells you if the door is open/ajar, was really easy to install and setup. So far though, doesn’t seem like a must-have feature.
* Remote unlock with the included August Connect works fine, no issues so far. Takes a little bit longer than I’d like to actually connect to the lock when I’m out and about though.
* a little bit pricey at $279 retail, but c’est la vie, yolo, and fomo

– Auto-Unlock is finicky and unpredictable. It doesn’t work when you expect it to. This is the only reason why I gave it 3-stars instead of 5. The way it’s supposed to work is that you set your home location in the august app, and this puts a 200-meter radius around that spot (about a couple city blocks). When you (and your phone) leave this area, the lock enters “auto-unlock” mode, and is supposed to automatically unlock the next time you enter Bluetooth range (maybe 15-20 feet) or seemingly whenever you hop on to the same wifi network as the lock. Obviously, you have to keep Bluetooth on, and not force-close the app for this to work. The app will even send you a push notification when it detects that you’ve left your home area, and that the lock has entered auto-unlock mode. The problem is that it just doesn’t work 100% of the time. I’ve had instances where I did exactly as I was supposed to (left home area, got push notification saying lock was in auto-unlock mode, kept Bluetooth on and app active), and the lock doesn’t unlock even though I’m literally standing on the other side of the door. I’ve also had times when the lock won’t detect that I’ve left my neighborhood, and thus never enters auto-unlock mode in the first place. No rhyme or reason to it. On twitter, August says they’re constantly tweaking the algorithm of auto-unlock, so there’s hope that this will get better. Also, the home radius should be way less than 200-meters! I don’t live in a mega-mansion/ranch, and I shouldn’t have to wander a couple city blocks for the lock to know I’m not at home.

Other random thought(s):
* How badass would it be if the lock could use my cellular Apple Watch to auto-unlock??

TLDR: Easy install, auto-locking is awesome and customizable, HomeKit integration is sweet, but auto-unlocking algorithm needs more time in the oven. If “hey Siri unlock the door” from my Apple Watch didn’t work as well as it did, I’d probably return the lock.

*update 11/8/17* – upgrading to 3.5 stars
– Picked up the new iPhone X last week. Absolutely love this phone. Can you imagine if August put FaceID in their lock?? The future will be amazing (and a little creepy). Oh yeah, the iPhone X works fine with the August lock, no issues at all.
– August issued a firmware update to the lock about a week ago (1.5.21). Auto-unlock feels like it is getting better at recognizing when I’ve arrived home. Still not 100% reliable. It sometimes takes too long for the lock to recognize that I’m standing outside (sometimes up to 5-10s). But the frequency of it working as it should is going up! Good job August, keep it coming!
– If you have an iPhone, add the August widget to your lock screen. This gives you one-touch lock/unlock capability. And if you have the new iPhone X and Face ID, your phone will automatically unlock for you as soon as you look at it, so unlocking your august lock is one swipe + one tap away.
– Not having to fish my key out every time I leave/come home truly is a luxury. Auto-locking works perfectly every time. And even with the ongoing auto-unlock finickiness, I feel confident enough in the lock that I removed my house key from my key ring (only the car key and mail key left!). And pulling out my phone and hitting unlock on the widget screen is still faster and more convenient than fumbling with a physical key in the dark.

*update 5/25/18* – upgrading to 4.5 stars
– August keeps improving the lock. Recently issued an update that makes remote connection almost instantaneous now. You don’t have to manually connect to the August Connect any more either – it just does it automatically. Very cool.
– Auto-unlock continues to improve. Still wish it would enter auto-away mode much sooner! One little quirk that I did not mention in the original review is that even when I enter the house from the garage on the other side of my home, the August Lock will auto-unlock. It does this reliably and consistently, even though I don’t really want it to. I believe this is called out in the support documents, so it’s not really a bug. It doesn’t really bother me at all though, since it will always auto-lock itself after a few minutes anyway. Probably just uses the battery a little bit more is all.
– Guest access keys work great so far!
– Speaking of battery, I get about 3 months of use out of 4xAAs. I switched to some rechargeable eneloops, and seem to be getting a bit more use this time.

*update 6/25/18* – upgrading to 5 stars
– August updated the lock firmware again, and this time, it allows me to use the iphone widget to directly unlock the lock. Before, hitting the unlock button on the widget would take you to the app, and you had to tap the screen again to unlock the lock. It’s so much faster now!
– Still wish the away-mode radius could be smaller, but maybe it’ll get there soon with how regularly August seems to be improving the lock!
– Having had the lock for the better part of a year, I feel confident enough about it to recommend it to family now. Friends and family who have seen/used it have also commented on how much easier it is to use than a regular key.


Before buying this lock, I did a lot of research. I looked at (e.g., read the articles, specs, and user reviews) August, Schlage, Kwikset, and Yale. And I thought hard about what my family would and would not be willing to do on a daily basis. I slowly realized that for my wife, who has a borderline intolerance for most tech, this lock needed to be functionally invisible, easy in every way, and not too alien or unfamiliar. For my kids, who are tech savvy in that way all kids are, I needed this lock to have an app that installed and worked with little to no fuss. For me, I was up for just about anything as long as I could check on the door’s status remotely, integrate it into my Smart Things hub, and unlock or lock the door as needed. The August Smart Lock Pro (purchased along with the Smart Keypad) has given me all those things. I’ve had it for a little more than a month, and I think I now know enough about it to write a fair review.

For my wife, the lock has basically dropped from her daily awareness (a very good thing). When she gets home, the door is unlocked by the time she gets to it. She lets the door lock itself whether entering or leaving. The only time she notices the lock is when she’s sitting in her car in the driveway talking on the phone and the autolock re-locks the door before she actually gets out of the car. I think she’s then either used her app or her key depending on whether she’s still talking on the phone. Then and only then does my wife complain about the tech. Otherwise, I think she actually likes not having to unlock the door all the time. She’s only used the keypad once, and it worked perfectly.

For my kids, the lock has also worked flawlessly. They never use their keys — they either use their phone or the Keypad to open the door. The lock has come in handy a number of times — when my daughter has had to get a ride from someone or when my son goes out and then gets home after we’ve gone to bed. I did have to give my son grief a couple of times for not closing the door completely — the door couldn’t lock. [I don’t remember if it notified me. I was home both times it happened and heard the warning beep from the lock when the locking process failed.]

We’ve also had folks working in/on the house get access to the house via the Keypad. They also had zero trouble getting in. And I can set the time of day and day of the week that the code they are using works and receive notifications when/if it has been used. There’s a weird glitch in the app that doesn’t show the right access time after it has been set and saved. And I admit that I haven’t tested whether the code works outside the timeframe. But part of the reason why I’ve been blase about not knowing is that we also have an alarm system, and I know the access times on that sucker works!

For me, the lock has worked well. I like the easy access. I like how the interior metal drum feels in my hand when I lock the door (mindful of the batteries, I tend to turn the drum manually when I get home). But the lock set-up is not perfect — I’ve noticed a few flaws. The August app requires you to turn on the internet — otherwise the default is bluetooth. So when you open the app to get remote access to the lock, you have to push a little button to activate the ‘net access. I’m not sure that makes sense (I imagine they are doing it for a reason but I don’t know what that reason is), and it makes for a clumsy and unnecessarily slow app experience. The app UI also seems very primitive and while not confusing, it could certainly be a bit more intuitive. The app integration with my apple watch is so crappy and slow as to be nearly useless. On rare occasions (twice over the past month), the door has not been open when I’ve gotten to it. Once it opened right after I took my phone out of my pocket but before I could do anything. The other time, I ended up opening the app and opening the door. Since I’ve gone in and out of the house a ton of times, these two occasions don’t bother me or even stand out much. And while the smart hub integration works, the interaction feels a little clunky (see, e.g., app) and somewhat limited.

The installation could not have been easier. The invitation/owner designation process was a little clunky, but manageable. So I can say that the whole upfront thing was pretty easy.

I’m not giving the August Lock Pro five stars because: (1) it’s still a little bit overpriced for what it is; and (2) for this much money, I’m expecting a Lexus/Cadillac-level app experience rather than the Fiat/Fiesta experience that is actually provided. If you’ve got the cash, a technophobe significant other, and some tech savvy, but zero-patience-for-hassle kids, then I would highly recommend this lock. And I would get it with the Keypad — not because you absolutely have to, but because the Keypad really completes the package for everybody.


I have no issues with the Lock itself, the issue I have is with the Wi-Fi Bridge.
I purchased this because I rent rooms through Airbnb in my home. I also bought the keypad. I like that I don’t have to hand out a physical key and I have a record of who enters or leaves. As you can see in the picture, even though it states that the Wi-Fi bridge can be 10 feet away, I had to run an extension cord and mount it right next to the door. I have double opening doors, but that should not make a difference. I will eventually buy something to cover the cord. I can live with that. My major concern is that the door will unlock if I am walking by my door either talking on my cell phone or I just happen to have my cell phone in my pocket. This has happened twice when someone knocked on the door. As I approached the door to see who it was, the door unlocked because I had my cell phone on me. While I am at home, it should not automatically unlock the door. I may not want the door to unlock if I don’t know who the person is. This needs to be fixed!


It worked great for a week, then I came home and it wouldn’t unlock!!! My wife couldn’t unlock it manually from the inside, she was able to turn the knob but the deadbolt wouldn’t retract. I was finally able to use the key and get in. I removed the August lock from the door and my lock mechanism worked perfectly. I went to the August support page and you will be lucky to find anything relevant to your issue, it’s not exactly the most comprehensive document ever created. The Next step was to call August support and I was left on hold with the most repetitive annoying background music clip that seems to be designed for one reason “to get you to hang up or go absolute mad waiting for customer support”

Note -When this lock did work the Auto Unlock feature was hit or miss.

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