Premium Fabric Face Mask Reusable, Washable, Cotton/Poly/Polypropolene Blend

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Color: Pearl


  • ADJUSTABLE EAR ELASTIC: Adjust the length of the ear elastic for a personalized fit. To adjust the ear elastic, rotate the elastic until you see the tied portion. Retie the elastic to your preferred length and then rotate back to hide the knot. Enjoy your mask with this functionality!
  • SIZING: Medium: 7.5” wide and 5.5” tall - Large: 9” wide and 6” tall. We recommend the medium size for a standard fit, and the large size as a looser-fitting, oversized option.
  • HANDMADE BY EXPERIENCED SEWERS IN THE AMERICAS: As a furniture company, we’ve turned our focus from upholstered furniture to reusable, fabric face masks. Our team has several decades worth of combined experience, and that knowledge and expertise are used to create each of our reusable, fabric face masks.
  • PROTECTION FROM POLLUTANTS: Our reusable, safety-masks securely cover your nose and mouth and provide protection from a variety of pollutants including: - Respiratory droplets - Pollen - Dust - Auto exhaust - Air pollution
  • REUSABLE, WASHABLE & STAIN RESISTANT: Our reusable, fabric face masks are stain resistant and can be washed after every wear to keep them clean and effective. To wash your reusable mask, simply drop it in the wash on the gentle cycle and then lay on a flat surface to dry. These reusable masks are lightweight and durable, making them comfortable and easy to wear.

Details: Contoured Premium Adult Fabric Face Mask Reusable, Safety-Masks, Sanitary-Masks, Washable, Stain Resistant, Cotton/Polyester/Polypropylene Blend, Double Layer, Protects from Respiratory Droplets, Dust, Pollen, Other Airborne Irritants, Handmade in the Americas

UPC: 810047681731

EAN: 0810047681731

Package Dimensions: 6.0 x 5.0 x 0.3 inches