SimpliSafe Smoke Detector New Version 2 Generation

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Brand: SimpliSafe

Color: White


  • Photoelectric Smoke Detector (Responds Faster)
  • Internal siren rings and triggers full blown SimpliSafe Security System Alarm
  • SimpliSafe Smoke Detector compatible with 2nd Generation SimpliSafe System

Publisher: SimpliSafe

Details: When a fire is quickening in your home every second counts. SimpliSafe Smoke detectors are built with photoelectric sensors for increased safety over Ionization sensors. Photoelectric smoke detectors respond faster (typically 30 minutes or more) to fire in its early, smouldering stage before it breaks into flame, giving you and your family more time to get up and out of your home. Photoelectric sensors are also less likely to trigger annoying false alarms. Never worry about sleeping through a fire alarm. This monitored smoke detector will sound its own internal siren as well as trigger a full-blown security system alarm. In addition alarm monitoring plans give you the options to receive: A call to alert you and firefighters sent to your home to ensure you and your family are safe. SMS & Email Notifications automatically sent to your phone and to the phones of loved ones.

Package Dimensions: 4.8 x 4.8 x 2.2 inches