Review Policy

Review Policy

Evaluation Products

We focus on home security products, video door bells, CCTV camera systems, security drones etc. So we are not accepting to evaulate other products. We are checking products social proof on customer reviews and youtube reviewers. Also if you paid us to review, we can review your products also. We are not guarantee you to give big thumb up.  

This is paid service

Our review service is only contain our web site. So we will not give reviews on amazon or ebay kind of markets. Paid service only for our web site. This is not mean that you pay a lot and you can earn 5 start. We are freely comment on the products. If you want to share our reviews on facebook, twitter, instagram or other social media platforms you can freely share with showing referance.

How to get Service

In order to get and read details read our service description by clicking read more button.